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Trystan [userpic]
Picspam!! ~ Devil's Trap
by Trystan (trystan830)
at September 22nd, 2006 (11:08 pm)

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ohh... my brain is still mush mush mush.... oh, Dean!! (original picspam here... 50 pics)

and Rule #1: Never piss off a sleeping vampire Dean Winchester. please note there are no pics from the very end. i just can't do it. really. Jensen is just an awesome actor... gods, between Salvation and Devil's Trap, he went through just about every emotion there is. *thud* oh, and watch out for the serious Dean-effect for the clickie pics.


all caps by the wonderful bluebear_74

( No sir... not before everything... 75 pics from Devil's Trap... 40 clickie pics! )