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Supernatural Spoiler-Free Zone

spoiler-free playground

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Welcome to spn_spoilerfree! We are here as a supportive haven with plenty of Supernatural related spoiler-free goodies.

What's appropriate to post? If you need support to stay spoiler-free, you are always welcome to post. Hopefully, other members can offer a sympathetic ear and distractions. Warning posts are also good. Know of another LJ, forum, website that is currently broadcasting a spoiler without a warning or cut? Post here to warn others away from a terrible fate. Also, any and all posts to keep us entertained are encouraged. I'd love to start up some things like Supernatural related caption contests, quizzes, daily picture posts, drabble challenges, etc. We're open to ideas, or feel free to start your own daily/weekly/anytime post.

Looking for spoiler-free icons?
dreamsinvisible: here
paddle_slut: here

If you have any icons you'd like to share, post them in the community, or send us a link to your post, and we will add a link here.

Supernatural Season 2 Premire Countdown Clock!

1. NO SPOILERS!!! Obviously. You will be banned from this community immediately on the first offense.

    a) Season 1 will be open to discussion or what else would we discuss? I apologize to anyone who has not seen all of season 1.
        The first season will be released on DVD September 5th.
    b) Season 2 episodes not aired or recently aired are NOT up for discussion under ANY circumstance. You must wait at least ONE
        WEEK after the original airing to discuss the episode, and then it must be under a cut. All season two posts will remain under
        a cut throughout Season 2.
    c) Promos, episode titles, and casting info are considered spoilers.
    d) Please be mindful of the icons that you are using as well. Any icon must also follow the above rules of waiting one week after
        the airing to be seen. All season one icons are welcome.

2. We reserve the right to moderate and approve all posts the day of and the day after the airing of a new episode.
    You must be a member to make a post You may comment as a non-member but your comments will be screened. If we begin
    seeing a lot of problem posts, we may begin moderating membership at any time.

3. Be kind rewind. No flaming, ignorant remarks, bashing, fan wanking, or foul language towards other members.

4. LJ cuts are appropriate for any lengthy posts, more than 3 icons, or any more than one picture. Also, if posting pictures, please
    keep in mind the size. If it’s the size of an average desktop please be resizing.

5. Other community advertisements are to be kept to a minimum and should in some way relate to this community and its goals.

6. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to dreamsinvisible at the e-mail address listed in the above information, or to paddle_slut.

Thanks! Now go have fun!


Want to affiliate? Contact dreamsinvisible by comment or e-mail. Thanks!

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