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Hi, is there anything here?
by alliepadalecki (alliepadalecki)
at October 5th, 2008 (11:00 pm)

I tried to join spnfencentral but they turned me down - not enough posts I guess haha! - and I thought this might be the same, spoiler free stuff  and news and such, but I don't see anything - or anyone!

Am I missing something?

SJWinchester [userpic]
by SJWinchester (sjwinchester)
at September 3rd, 2008 (02:11 pm)

Gah. Empty comm?? Please with the helping and such..

Here in Australia we don't get new eps until NEXT YEAR. SAVE ME. (we don't even get re-runs!) HOW SHALL I COPE??

Laura [userpic]
....& scene....
by Laura (paddle_slut)
at October 20th, 2006 (10:05 pm)

current mood: annoyed

Hey everybody. Im back ..... HUZZAH!!!.......ok so I really don't wanna be back, but I am....


& I totally luv the fact there has been absolutely nothing going on in the comm whilst I was away.

OK, seriously guys come on!!!

Im definately going to have to do something about this....*plots evoly*

Laura [userpic]
laura goes bye bye
by Laura (paddle_slut)
at October 10th, 2006 (03:39 pm)

current mood: giggly

Hello everybody!! *waves* ^.^

This is one of your happy, little community maintainer, paddle_slut.

I just wanted to let you all know that Im going to Tennessee with my girlfriends to the Supernatural convention. I'll be back next week!!

SO basically, be good for dreamsinvisible, I don't wanna come back & have her crying cause you guys have been acting up! Cause so help me god, there will be hell to pay *grins*

Anyways, be good & enjoy Spn this week.

Luv ya much *big hugs*

Amber [userpic]
Mod Post
by Amber (dreamsinvisible)
at September 28th, 2006 (08:49 am)

current mood: giddy

Today's the big day! I'm so proud of all of you for hanging in there. For those of you who are still completely spoiler-free, I bow to your supreme will-power!

I just have a few friendly reminders.

Please remember that not everyone gets to see the season premiere tonight. *gasp* The horror, I know! I happen to be one of those people. SO, as the rules state in the user info, no episode talk until one week after the original airing, and then it may be posted under a cut for the remainder of the season.

Also, please no icons that contain season 2 screencaps. Promo shots are fine, because they're non-spoilery, just no screencapped icons from season 2, at least for a full week after the episode airs, longer if you can hold out.

And a question for you all.

I plan on downloading Supernatural via torrents. They are usually up within 12-24 hours of the episode airing. Is anyone here interested in having download links posted here to SPN episodes? I could try to offer the torrent link and/or upload the episode to a file sharing program like YouSendIt if there was interest in something like that.

Well, I think that's everything. Hope you all have a fabulous day and enjoy the premiere tonight!!!

Trystan [userpic]
Picspam!! ~ Devil's Trap
by Trystan (trystan830)
at September 22nd, 2006 (11:08 pm)

current location: my happy fangirly place
current mood: fangirly
current song: SG1

ohh... my brain is still mush mush mush.... oh, Dean!! (original picspam here... 50 pics)

and Rule #1: Never piss off a sleeping vampire Dean Winchester. please note there are no pics from the very end. i just can't do it. really. Jensen is just an awesome actor... gods, between Salvation and Devil's Trap, he went through just about every emotion there is. *thud* oh, and watch out for the serious Dean-effect for the clickie pics.


all caps by the wonderful bluebear_74

( No sir... not before everything... 75 pics from Devil's Trap... 40 clickie pics! )

Trystan [userpic]
Picspam!! ~ Salvation
by Trystan (trystan830)
at September 14th, 2006 (11:48 pm)

current location: my happy fangirly place
current mood: fangirly
current song: launchcast

last week, i didn't watch Dead Man's Blood... because the MyNetwork/WB showed Fashion House, and the CW showed UPN programming... and again this week. sheesh.

anyway, my original picspam had 45 pics... i was getting better at this picspam thing, eh? but dude!! Jensen and Sebastian in the same ep? just ... WOW!!! .... and i'm still a Seb-girl :D

here's a link to my episode review and inside information on Salvation from the first time it aired.

also, be on the lookout for my 30 clickie-pics! :D


all caps from bluebear_74

( 75 pics from Salvation.... easy on the visions, there Sam.... and demon!Seb!... at my LJ! )

giz25 [userpic]
Jeffrey Dean Morgan University
by giz25 (giz25)
at September 12th, 2006 (04:47 pm)

Come Join Us and Have Fun While Voting
Jeffrey Dean Morgan University InfoCollapse )

Trystan [userpic]
Picspam!! ~ Dead Man's Blood
by Trystan (trystan830)
at September 8th, 2006 (10:18 pm)

current location: my happy fangirly place
current mood: fangirly
current song: the voices in my head

whoa, i'm a sucker for vamps! and Dean. and vamps. ... i'm in heaven. or... wherever. *snerk*

the original picspam only had 35 pics. the downside to this one is there is no crossbow pics! yikes. ok, enough with the blabbering, on with the pics!


all caps from the wonderful bluebear_74

( Vampires ~ gets funnier every time! ~ 88 pics from Dead Man's Blood.... Dean-effect alert...and some other guy(s)... at my LJ )

Amber [userpic]
by Amber (dreamsinvisible)
at September 7th, 2006 (10:41 am)

current mood: sick

Well, I hope that you've all been keeping distracted with the lovely new non-spoilery promo pictures and a brand spankin' new Season One DVD release! I know that it's helped me immensely with the wait for season 2. ONLY 21 DAYS REMAINING!!!

So, I was wondering when and where you were all planning on watching the premiere for Supernatural. I, VERY UNFORTUNATELY, do not have The CW, so I'll be downloading the first available torrent and watching upon my computer, probably by myself since my friends aren't addicted...yet. Plus, even if I did have cable I have class Thursday night. Anyone else in my boat? Are you watching with friends? Having a YAY!Supernatural premiere party? Watching it 10 times in a row until you have to drag yourself out of the house Friday without actually having slept? Do tell!

Sorry 'bout the lack of picspams lately. RL can be a drag sometimes.

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