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Amber [userpic]
by Amber (dreamsinvisible)
at September 7th, 2006 (10:41 am)

current mood: sick

Well, I hope that you've all been keeping distracted with the lovely new non-spoilery promo pictures and a brand spankin' new Season One DVD release! I know that it's helped me immensely with the wait for season 2. ONLY 21 DAYS REMAINING!!!

So, I was wondering when and where you were all planning on watching the premiere for Supernatural. I, VERY UNFORTUNATELY, do not have The CW, so I'll be downloading the first available torrent and watching upon my computer, probably by myself since my friends aren't addicted...yet. Plus, even if I did have cable I have class Thursday night. Anyone else in my boat? Are you watching with friends? Having a YAY!Supernatural premiere party? Watching it 10 times in a row until you have to drag yourself out of the house Friday without actually having slept? Do tell!

Sorry 'bout the lack of picspams lately. RL can be a drag sometimes.


Posted by: Laura (paddle_slut)
Posted at: September 7th, 2006 04:06 pm (UTC)

hey darlin, welcome back!
im kinda in the same boat you are...im working thursday night, so i have to have someone tape it. i don't get the CW either, but i get it played on CityTV & on Space (Toronto stations)...hopefully it'll get played 3 times a week like last season, that was too awesome for words!!

i haven't gotten my spn dvd yet, im hoping to get it on friday & then pretty much sleep with it...that thing isn't going to be let out of my sight for a good month.
& i haven't seen the new promo pics yet *shrugs* call me crazy (which i completely am), but i kinda see them as spoilers too, even though they're not...so ill probably check them out once the new season starts

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